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I eat business pains for breakfast.

Over the past 20 years, I have been a versatile and accomplished senior executive with extensive international experience in technology consulting, project management, business development.

I have played a pivotal role in driving successful projects across various industries, with a focus on Customer Engagement, Customer Service, Marketing, Low Code solutions utilizing Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, as well as Data Warehousing and Data Platforms.

In the realm of Customer Engagement and Service, I have led transformative projects for global leaders in packaging liquids, the pet food industry, distribution, media and communications… ensuring seamless solutions to enhance customer experiences across multiple countries.

Simultaneously, my expertise in Data and Analytics has been instrumental in revolutionizing businesses. From improving data management and data quality for an insurance company to overseeing migration projects from SAP BI to Microsoft BI and implementing complex data warehouses for energy providers and distribution companies, my work has been at the forefront of data-driven decision-making.

Furthermore, I successfully introduced modern data architectures, established master data management solutions, and promoted data governance best practices, which led to enhanced business intelligence and valuable insights for clients in diverse industries.

My international experience, proficiency in multiple languages (French, English, Spanish), and proven leadership skills have allowed me to thrive in various settings, from implementing projects for large cities to managing complex international rollouts for multinational companies.

In summary, my last 20 years have been marked by a remarkable blend of expertise in Customer Engagement, Low Code solutions, Data and Analytics. My contributions have consistently driven success, enabling organizations to harness the power of technology and data to achieve their strategic goals.

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